The Gablestage, in association with The Sue & Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies, U.M., presents the Southeastern premiere of the play The Quarrelby David Brandes and Joseph Telushkin. The Quarrel is based on the Yiddish story My Quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner by Chaim Grade (1910 -1982), who is considered one of the foremost Yiddish writers of the modern era. The Quarrel describes the chance meeting of a Holocaust survivor with an old friend from the mussar Yeshiva. The narrator (Chaim Kovler) has lost his faith, while the friend (Hersh Rasseyner) has continued to lead a pious and devoted religious life. The former friends debate the place of religion in the postmodern world.

The Quarrel 3Set in the early fall of 1948, The Quarrel takes place in the Mount Royal Park in Montreal, Canada. There the random meeting of old friends Hersh Rasseyner (Avi Hoffman) and Chaim Kovler (Chaz Mena) starts a day filled with recollections of their shared past, and discussions of the divergent paths their lives have taken since they last saw each other. The closeness the two men once shared in their common religious belief system seems gone, and they struggle to find a mutual sense of understanding and respect for one another. Their story does not focus on the sadness of their Holocaust experiences, but how the essence of their religious beliefs allows them to process these experiences in their new lives. Hersh embraces his faith with strength and conviction, while Chaim has put his own faith aside. The script avoids the two men arguing about the technicalities of their different religious beliefs, and leans toward them arguing about their friendship instead. As many relationships are damaged over differences in religious, political and lifestyle choices, the appeal of this story is universal.

Avi Hoffman’s portrayal of Hersh Rasseyner is heartfelt and true. He shows a kindness that allows his convictions to pour forth without the declarations sounding judgmental or harsh. His character’s connection to his faith is so strong that it seems like many moments are also personal truths for the actor. Chaz Mena as Chaim Kovler matches Hoffman’s ardent portrayal with one that is smooth and emotionally detached (save for one brief moment) from the subject of religion. This works well, as again the focus remains on the friendship, and one can sense his character’s detachment is a defense mechanism. The dialogue between the two actors shows excellent pacing and timing, and avoids milking the audience for response. The role of Joshua, played by Mark Della Ventura, stops rather than furthers the action in his brief appearance on stage. He is clearly out of his league with two such seasoned actors, and looks petrified on stage. Most of the play involves just the two main characters, and this production is well acted by Hoffman and Mena, and very cleanly directed by Joseph Adler.

Chaim Grade was born in what is now Vilius, Lithuania. He received a secular as well as Jewish religious education, studying for several years with one of Judaism’s great Torah scholars, Rabbi Avrohom Yeshaya Karelitz, the Chazon Ish. In 1932, Grade began publishing stories and poems in Yiddish, and in the early 1930s was among the founding members of the “Young Vilna” experimental group of artists and writers. During WWII Grade fled to the Soviet Union and lived briefly in Poland and France before relocating to the United States in 1948. His postwar poetry is primarily concerned with Jewish survival in the wake of the Holocaust. Among his novels, novellas, short stories and poetry are works such as The Sacred and the Profane, The Yeshiva and Mayn Krig Mit Hersh Rasseyner.

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