After the tides turning for the Union in the wake of Vicksburg & Gettysburg, Lincoln, an avowed Diest, wanted to proclaim a national holiday of thanks to help to heal “the whole American people, those who are at sea or in foreign lands.”

Today in 2018, I wish my country back on its pronounced track, back on the sides of Angels, and to correct its errors and see to keeping the promises made to ourselves and to our friends abroad.

Reading this proclamation today on this 2018 Thanksgiving, I, an Unbeliever except for that Republic that my parents left their home for and found new hope, pray that we correct our course and do our duty to Humankind.

Washington, D.C.
October 3, 1863

By the...

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How seldom we question.

who considers the gaps in between

those tucked-in places our field of vision

crudely splattered forced into display :

this is another way to say “landscape.”

sable palms frame a green composition

really a myriad-pocketed schema

which within its pockets the wind dies

murdered by us for whom nothing but

the margins seem to sway to create

an event in time which only happened

to this viewer myself, say,

at the car park of my girl’s school.

Both composer and spectator

make-up any given moment alive

Both victim and perpetrator–

actor-spectator—both seer and non-seen

Now back to my green-framed landscape

where the mundane miracle occurs

witnessed but...

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De veras que soy atrevido porque soy licenciado en Literatura Inglesa, y solo me han publicado en ése idioma…pero daría el huevo izquierdo por poder escribir con soltura en Español. Me identifico culturalmente como Cubano, pero los Cubanos en Cuba no me acceptan como uno de ellos. Nací acá, en NY, pero por supuesto el Americano me rechaza. Y me pregunto: no soy mas cercano a un guajiro de Batabanó en casa del culo del perro, que con alguien de MississippiAlabamaWisconsinKansas, etc? Estoy cansado de vivir en el guion, pero me tocó el emblema “CubanoAmericano”…a otros le trocarían la Era Especial, y a otros La Guerra de los Diez Años, y mas atrás, a otros el genocidio de Diego Velázque...
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I would also be St. Kevin, and ignore what keeps us from working with him, from emulating his example. I would work to a loss of self–a no-self–only gesture. Not for reward but to strive for the thing itself. To become the thing itself. To tree.


And then there was St Kevin and the blackbird.
The saint is kneeling, arms stretched out, inside
His cell, but the cell is narrow, so

One turned-up palm is out the window, stiff
As a crossbeam, when a blackbird lands
and Lays in it and settles down to nest.

Kevin feels the warm eggs, the small breast, the tucked
Neat head and claws and, finding himself linked
Into the network of eternal life,

Is moved to pity: now he...

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That time you threw the towel over the rack so effortlessly
when there was no comment that fractured the certainty
beyond being took you back to fifty years–
seeing no comment
…hearing sans judgment
thinking no name
…touching not felt
smelling no scent
…tasting w/out gesture
Another shore the wind sea foam at water’s edge
a child who once waited for the water to take him away
the tide lied because it pretended to divide the ocean
It may be that even the concept of One is flawed
to name is to lie and so let’s call it All.
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I am more than what I decide to get done today

part mole on my grandmother’s cheek

some belittling gesture my grandfather made.

The indignant patriot before a righteous machete charge,

I was in his cold coffee this morning.

My aunt’s secret Charleston dances, when she decided to cut her hair short

the raindrop that fell into my mother’s eye at her wedding

my father’s ashes leavened with regret for having left Cuba,

and the pair of shoes he got when his mother died.

I’m standing between two mirrors forward and aft,

back and forth, as on a ship, and focus past

the echoes of my ancestors reflected to a point

just past the horizon….

…I am an unseen decision made in the dark.

The dead just...

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front cover, In the Shadow of Bois Hugo: The 8th Lincolns at the Battle of Loos by Nigel Atter, Peter Simkins (Foreword)

Atter’s book covers the story of a battalion going first into action in the Battle of Loos, France in 1915. The Lincoln’s (Lincolnshire County’s) 8 Battalion is an example of what was even then being called Kitchener’s Army. This was the first nationwide enlisting effort in Britain, personified by Lord Kitchener in his personal appeal for more men, in reaction to the fact that the original BEF was all but gone by 1914’s end. There was a critical shortage of manpower on the British front facing the German trenches from Ypres snaking southwards to Artois.


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Chaz Mena – October 14; 2017

He played in Sara Werner’s The Things They Left Behind as Cleve Ferrell. SKSM: Could you start with telling me a bit about yourself? Who are you and what do you do? Chaz Mena: Chaz is a Freedoms’ Foundation Award winner (2014) for his PBS teleplay, Yo Solo…

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Day old bread and this morning’s coffee

tastes like opportunity all over again

I know the milk is off by now, the coffee saccharine

the bread’s crust limp with rancid butter

but so is my forgotten To-Do list from much earlier

written in tired pencil, no room for error

its eraser long since gone

thus goes my life I’m tempted to say

and another day drips off

I didn’t visit my ailing mother

and my father’s ashes still lie here, in an alien country

one that showed itself to him with as much promise



as my to-do list did me this morning

I feed my daughter fried zucchini and finish this poem later.

All I ever am is one man with one day to fill right.

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