September 9 Premiere of a Film I’m In at Cosford Cinema, UM

 Based on a Dollar Babies Stephen King short story, ‘The Things They Left Behind’ is a horror/love story set on 9/11 and one year later. When World Trade Center worker Scott Staley survives 9/11 but his girlfriend Sonia D’Amico doesn’t, her red glasses magically return to haunt him — along with two other objects belonging to 9/11 colleagues. His unrelenting attempts at getting rid of them don’t work when they keep returning, and he ultimately must figure out what they want. A journey of grief, loss and guilt that everyone who has lost a loved one to a terrorist attack undergoes, Scott realizes his colleagues’ things want to be returned to their families, but he has a hard choice to make with Sonia’s glasses. When he puts them on, he travels through a supernatural portal to the day of 9/11, to the office where he and Sonia worked together and is reunited with the woman he loves just as she is about to jump from the World Trade Center.This premiere screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers. Yours Truly will be on the panel.

See ya there! It’s a free showing before the film hits distribution.



Directed by Sara Werner.
USA. 28minutes. 2k Digital Projection.
2017. English.


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