71 years ago, at midnight, the French 2nd Armoured Division, spear-headed by the veterans of Spanish Republicans Army, the first to have struggled against Fascism, wheeled into the suburbs of Paris. 1500 nights of Nazi occupation came to a close.

Today, I think about our crypto-nazis: the openly fascist diatribes of exporting families and building walls, of cops who see black & brown faces as threats, shooting them arbitrarily under their charge; of symbols of hate flown high, like the Confederate flag, those who hypocritically hide behind an amorphous and undefined “southern culture;” of elitists who feel that 47% of the population will never be motivated to rise out of poverty; of polticians restricting the use of food coupons to the point that impoverished families are barred from buying meat; of punative laws passed in open hostility against the poor, looking at them with the same distates as you would a leper; of middle-aged men deciding what to do with young women, either in the bedroom as their fantasies would have it or legally, on their reproductive organs; of willfully blind creationists thumbing their noses and feigining disdain at empircal science; of the one-percent of our population housed in prison, languishing in ignorance and abandon, used as playthings by guards…Oh, you have to admit that we need a liberation, a joyous uprising as well.

May it always be so with intolerance, racism, blind nationalism, and hatred: that people rise up, not caring a whit about being outnumbered and less trained in arms, reminding the forces of reaction that they are few and we are many.


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