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front cover, In the Shadow of Bois Hugo: The 8th Lincolns at the Battle of Loos by Nigel Atter, Peter Simkins (Foreword)

Atter’s book covers the story of a battalion going first into action in the Battle of Loos, France in 1915. The Lincoln’s (Lincolnshire County’s) 8 Battalion is an example of what was even then being called Kitchener’s Army. This was the first nationwide enlisting effort in Britain, personified by Lord Kitchener in his personal appeal for more men, in reaction to the fact that the original BEF was all but gone by 1914’s end. There was a critical shortage of manpower on the British front facing the German trenches from Ypres snaking southwards to Artois.


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Chaz Mena – October 14; 2017

He played in Sara Werner’s The Things They Left Behind as Cleve Ferrell. SKSM: Could you start with telling me a bit about yourself? Who are you and what do you do? Chaz Mena: Chaz is a Freedoms’ Foundation Award winner (2014) for his PBS teleplay, Yo Solo…

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Day old bread and this morning’s coffee

tastes like opportunity all over again

I know the milk is off by now, the coffee saccharine

the bread’s crust limp with rancid butter

but so is my forgotten To-Do list from much earlier

written in tired pencil, no room for error

its eraser long since gone

thus goes my life I’m tempted to say

and another day drips off

I didn’t visit my ailing mother

and my father’s ashes still lie here, in an alien country

one that showed itself to him with as much promise

as my to-do list did me this morning

I feed my daughter fried zucchini and finish this poem later.

All I ever am is one man with one day to fill right.

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Played to sold-out audiences. It was a pleasure to work with my dear friend, Michael McKeever’s on his new play. The trailer below produced by Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre, Coral Gables, FL.

Review from Miami’s Daily, The Miami Herald

JULY 17, 2017 1:45 PM

 Intriguing stories swirl in new play about the iconic Mona Lisa

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This article is a response to my month-long residency at Colonial Williamsburg published on their official blog, My residency in Williamsburg will remain a shining time in my life and in my family’s. I remain forever indebted to Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for its generous recognition of my work. Look for “Miralles & Rendon” a new play I’m writing describing the strange sojourn of Spain’s first, de facto ambassadors to the recently named country: “The United States of America.”

Reflections of a Revolutionary in Residence

“Papi, am I a princess?” “Yes, Anabella, you are. But we all are. In our country every one of us is a king or a princess,” I said, echoing...

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“In Buddhism, the term anattā (Pali) or anātman (Sanskrit) refers to the doctrine of “non-self”, that there is no unchanging, permanent self, soul or essence in living beings.” -“Anatta,” Wikipedia.

Knowing at Fifty

Everything stems from a certitude that time is running out
…You use hourglass metaphors without a hint of irony

Cleaning electric razors upset you because there’s only white stubble
…You actually choose one side of the bed over the other

Sex is a rarely-visited, exotic destination
…you buy a selection of colognes as consolation.

Women don’t look back at you when you walk past
…so dogs become a sudden and unanticipated blessing

Your attention...

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Five Rarely Seen Photos of Normandy 1944

Today is 6th June: the anniversary of D-Day, when Allied forces landed on the Normandy coastline. D-Day and Normandy has prompted thousands of books, and during the campaign many thousands of photos were taken on both sides of the battlefield. These are a small selection of rarely seen images.

I wanted to post this today, the 73 anniversary of D-Day, Northern France, follow the link to read more.

The pictures above are from a website authored by Mr. Paul Reed, an historian who divides his time between France and England. He can be seen on @BBC & @Channel4 with specialism in WW1 & WW2.  Author with @penswordbooks. Battlefield guide @LegerHolidays....

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por Luis Manuel Moll Juan

“En plena guerra de la independencia, este español, ayudó a George Washington a obtener la victoria sobre las fuerzas inglesas.”

Juan de Miralles Trayllón, nació en la localidad alicantina de Petrer el 23 de julio de 1713, hijo de un capitán de infantería, que defendió la causa del rey Felipe V durante la guerra de la Secesión Española.

Su padre, que compartía su procedencia bearnesa con la mayoría de los franceses radicados en el levante español en aquella época, se había mudado a Alicante como oficial de las tropas felipistas para liderar los combates contra los partidarios del...

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The Buddhist Path – Footprint of the Buddha

A look at how Buddhism is practiced in Sri Lanka and India. Ronald Eyre meets [the late] Venerable Ananda Maitreya a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka. Categories: Ananda Maitreya, Theravada, Video Tags: Buddhist film

I never mention my practice as I guard it very closely in my life. It’s too personal. I’ve been a Buddhist for over 4 years now, after having taken my vows. Please enjoy this primer to the Mahayana School of Buddhism–it’s an oldie but a goodie…

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Building a 400-Year-Old Collection of Weapons

At the Governor’s Palace alone, 230 muskets-including 80 original pieces-are on display along with 18 reproduction pistols and nearly 300 reproduction swords. But that’s just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the arms and militaria collection of Colonial Williamsburg.

At the Governor’s Palace alone, 230 muskets—including 80 original pieces—are on display along with 18 reproduction pistols and nearly 300 reproduction swords. But that’s just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the arms and militaria collection of Colonial Williamsburg.

Palace SwordsErik Goldstein, Curator of Mechanical Arts and Numismatics (coins, paper currency, and...

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