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We seldom question who Considers the gaps in between those tucked away places our field of vision crudely splatters and forces into display this is another way to say “landscape” sable palms frame a green composition really a myriad-pocketed schema […]


Amor a/de/por Cuba…

De veras que soy atrevido por ser licenciado en Literatura Inglesa, y solo me han publicado en ése idioma…pero daría el huevo izquierdo para poder escribir con soltura en Español. Me identifico culturalmente como Cubano, pero los Cubanos en Cuba no […]


“Morning Coffee”

I am more than what I decide to get done today part mole on my grandmother’s cheek some belittling gesture my grandfather made. The indignant patriot before a righteous machete charge, I was in his cold coffee this morning. My […]


To-Do List

Day old bread and this morning’s coffee tastes like opportunity all over again I know the milk is off by now, the coffee saccharine the bread’s crust limp with rancid butter but so is my forgotten To-Do list from much […]