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front cover, In the Shadow of Bois Hugo: The 8th Lincolns at the Battle of Loos by Nigel Atter, Peter Simkins (Foreword)

Atter’s book covers the story of a battalion going first into action in the Battle of Loos, France in 1915. The Lincoln’s (Lincolnshire County’s) 8 Battalion is an example of what was even then being called Kitchener’s Army. This was the first nationwide enlisting effort in Britain, personified by Lord Kitchener in his personal appeal for more men, in reaction to the fact that the original BEF was all but gone by 1914’s end. There was a critical shortage of manpower on the British front facing the German trenches from Ypres snaking southwards to Artois.


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Having read Max Hastings’ “Catastrophe” published by Knopf


The national debate that is ongoing this year in the U.K. where one side contends that the 1914-1918, “Great War” was nothing other than a mighty conflagration ignited by warring empires v. those that believe the war was a serious fight against militarism and the issuance of a free, democratic Europe is one worth monitoring.

Max Hastings is squarely in the camp that says that World War One cannot be explained away as a war that was essentially for naught and that it would make no difference who actually won, the Central Powers or the Allied Entente Nations. Some critics have gone to say that if Germany would have come on top, the only thing that would occur is that the European Union would...

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