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Tonight. Tonight in Camaguey, in 1870
My great-grandfather joined the Rebels
who fight slavery after watching a woman’s baby
like a pea shucked out unto the square
her “master” in name only hadn’t given 
his “property” permission to have a baby.
Tonight. Tonight my uncle waits on the banks
of El Ebro, in Spain, for another fascist attack.
His Mosin broken in the last fight tossed aside
only the bayonet in his left hand, ready.
Tonight. Tonight my father dragged out of bed
by a death squad out to the porch 
Where my mother, pregnant, pees herself
waiting for the shot which never came:
one of the men had been my father’s student.
Tonight Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney
drive down a dusty...
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 Neo-Impressionist Georges Seurat was an influential visionary whose pointillist work launched a movement before his untimely death in Paris in 1891 at the age of 31. He spent two years painting his masterpiece, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,” in which tiny dots of juxtaposed color viewed at the right distance transform into a host of Parisians relaxing on an island in the middle of the Seine.
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I don’t know how she can tell it
but whenever I say goodbye to her
she lowers her eyes and looks down
briefly to keep from telling me that
there is too little time left
that we’re parting in such a way
that we’re sure to see each other again
that it’ll forever be like this.
That I’ll always make her breakfast
that we’ll always hold hands before she falls asleep
that we’ll sit and marvel at the spiny orb weaves
bridging the cacti on our front lawn.
That to make believe I’ll love you forever is shameful.
What I do know is that by loving actively and with all aplomb
filling each measure of time with will and purpose
it will be like forever
no action...
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My historical research has been of great value in my work onstage. Understanding a playwright’s place in history: what may have formed her, what discourse did he have access to. My interest in military history is attributable to something else. My family had fought imperialism against the Spanish in Cuba, then against fascism in Spain in the 30’s, and in the 50’s my father actively worked against Batista, a usurping autocrat who nullified the country’s 1940 constitution. When my parents decided not to participate in their country’s experiment with a softer, centralized socialism, Castro-ism, they immigrated to the United States after having been sickened at seeing Soviets arriving in Cuba....

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Thrilled to have been asked to narrate for the most frequented radio podcast in the country. With an unprecedented panoply of horror stories for every taste imaginable CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS  stories are made to come to life with the help of a host of among the most professionally sought-after radio artists, narrators, and voice actors around.

Here’s my first contribution. More to come!

I recommend their weekly podcast, among the most frequently downloaded podcasts today. If you’ve liked what you heard, and no doubt you will, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

CTFDN is the premiere horror-themed storytelling and short horror film channel with hundreds of posted...

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This is an ancient city
On an old stretch of land by the sea
Whatever I can say about
It, this country,
No matter how I flatter its flora
Serenade its birds
Praise, pay due homage to its elegance
Its ladies who handle their woven fans
Genuflect to its porous Taíno gods
Made red from baked earth
Though they all listen to my exhortation,
They know better.
This is an ancient city I walk in.


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There are many of them I’m ashamed to say
too many I’d admit to
they stand staring at me so erect
intermingled with the ones I’ve devoured
show offs, everyone of them
as if they had beat me in a fight
or like a discarded lover who had done nothing wrong
who has, rightly so, never gotten over it.
I have never gotten over them
should the occasion offer itself that I finish one
picked up where I left off
as if nothing ever happened between us
simply side-tracked
innocently distracted
they play hard to get all over again
and make it very hard for me to reconcile.
There are some victories, though
every one of them an exoneration.
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OMG, Thank You Hollywood Reporter for my mention on the eve of Season 2 Bloodline!  “Vicente Cruz” mentioned as one of the things to look out for.

I find the writing  in Bloodline to be among the best on television today (humble opinion). I find its stars to be terrific people, funny and hard working. Anything you could ever want in a show is fully present and accounted for. It’s a pleasure to work and learn from Kyle Chandler and Enrique Murciano.

“But unless you watched (or re-watched) the first season far more recently than when it debuted 14 months ago, you might not remember some of the more intricate details and subplots, which resurface in the second season. For instance, do you...

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This is alarming. I have family members that behave in the same way as Zimabardo (of Stanford Prison Experiment fame) describes below. In a nutshell, the internet’s ability to supply constant and almost instantaneous novelty in all fields is opaquing our ability to socialize in orthodox ways for lasting relationships.

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It’s a chocolate, Haagen Dazs Friday night.
Watching dystopias on Amazon Prime
my family 2500 miles due south
at the far end of a horse continent
on a latitude that allows for indoor
ice skating rinks where Disney characters
sing away their pirouetted pain.
Better put the ice-cream back before I eat the whole pint.
Don’t want to start crying now, so I’ll take a Benadryl.
-Chaz Mena, 1 April, 2016
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