After Emma, Jerry & Robert in “Betrayal,” a Zoetic Stage Production, Summer, 2015


They say to juggle three balls

or scissors, pins, or even torches

whether tossed overhead or under

is quickly taught to anybody.


That would be our case

if all lives counted solely as One

without the messy, massing wake

of infinite tendrils behind each…


If lives or scissors or pins manifest as

essence unseen nor foreseen, unprecedented,

creations untied to its neighbor,

solipsistic: oh well, then, yes, three is easy.


But how is this so?

Who parted us and called us Three?

What tree binds us to each, if not of a piece?

We’re more than one ball in flight, we three…


but we’ll all stick it out, play make-believe, forget

the children we betray, the kisses on play dates

we give them, in our homes, where we…

…steal away for a hurried fuck in the loo.