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Year: 2019

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Sweet Thames

Through all the world, filled with thy wide alarms, Which some brave Muse may sing to ages following, Upon the bridal day, which is not long:       Sweet Thames, run softly, till I end my song. –Edmund Spenser, “Prothalamion.”


Dictionary of Martíano Thought

Diccionario Del Pensamiento Martiano by Ramiro Gallaraga, (Ciencias Sociales, Havana, 2002). Out of Print, alas. Galarraga’s seminal work (in Spanish) is an indispensable reference for all Martí readers and the result of thousands of hours of painstaking work, combing through […]

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On Martin Drove End

On a bicycle—and they rarely lie—down Martin Drove End it seemed as if the Wiltshire Hills winked as I rode past. Cradled w/in grassland waves the lambs bleated me into Blake’s epigraph: “Dost thou know who made thee …?” etc. […]

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A drawer you left open invited dead parents to visit demanding that you tidy up. Or it may be a promise unfulfilled or maybe the clue to a crime, or a prompt to mend your ways and reform. Suddenly, you […]