Monthly Archives: April 2016

This is alarming. I have family members that behave in the same way as Zimabardo (of Stanford Prison Experiment fame) describes below. In a nutshell, the internet’s ability to supply constant and almost instantaneous novelty in all fields is opaquing our ability to socialize in orthodox ways for lasting relationships.

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It’s a chocolate, Haagen Dazs Friday night.
Watching dystopias on Amazon Prime
my family 2500 miles due south
at the far end of a horse continent
on a latitude that allows for indoor
ice skating rinks where Disney characters
sing away their pirouetted pain.
Better put the ice-cream back before I eat the whole pint.
Don’t want to start crying now, so I’ll take a Benadryl.
-Chaz Mena, 1 April, 2016
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