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This was a joy for me to work on from beginning to end. Thank you Michel Hausmann and Salomon Lerner for considering me worthy of such an enterprise as Golem of Havana ended up being for all of us. Inspiring, heart-felt, intelligent, giving.

¡Muchas Gracias a todos!

The Golem of Havana is Miami New Drama’s original, critically-acclaimed musical that explores the lives of a Jewish family in Cuba on the brink of revolution. It is an epic story with an exciting score that blends Cuban and Jewish music.


Miami Herald Review

Huffington Post

Florida Theatre Onstage Review

Music by Salomon Lerner
Lyrics By Len Schiff
Book and Direction by Michel Hausmann

The Golem...

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 When trials and fears beset our lives, we humans find myriad ways to cope: concocting myths and legends, sending entreaties to God or the gods, letting our subconscious do the talking in nightmares.
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Myra Chanin  aka ‘Mother Wonderful’; Radio/TV Personality, Former Producer, ‘The Joey Reynolds Show’

I have always avoided spending more than seven consecutive days in balmy Boca Raton. Why? Because there ain’t much culture there. Actually the major artistic activity of palm-sheltered snowbirds is sneaking into three multiplex potboilers for the price of one senior citizen admission — hardly proof of intellectual perspicacity.

So why was this winter different? The certainty of the Mother of All Blizzards encouraged me to entertain heartfelt offers from casual acquaintances to squat in their guest bedrooms for “as long as I liked,” However, judging from their expressions of dismay when my...

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Liba Vaynberg as Rebecca and Ronald Alexander Peet as Teo in Miami New Drama's The Golem of Havana / Photo by

Liba Vaynberg as Rebecca and Ronald Alexander Peet as Teo in Miami New Drama’s The Golem of Havana / Photo by Jenny Abreau

We are in one of the busiest months in one of the busiest seasons in South Florida theater – at least 25 openings, and likely more. If you don’t see a review of a show that has opened while looking at the top of the front page, please scroll down the page or use the search function.

By Bill Hirschman

When two cultures separated by language, history and geography collide in the musical The Golem of Havana, their similarities strike surprisingly thunderous resonances for protagonists paralyzed by the memories of a horrific...

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