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by John Thomason
(All Photos by Justin Namon)
[Regarding Zoetic’s Stripped]  “For many American actors, it would be difficult enough to recite a lengthy soliloquy in a convincing Russian accent. But doing so while wearing sky-high heels and almost nothing else while performing acrobatics on an unsteady stripper pole mounted in the center of the stage? That’s a feat of physical, mental, and emotional dexterity that, placed anywhere else in a year-in-review column, would be burying the lede.
As Masha, an exotic dancer desperate to maintain guardianship over her baby in a court system stacked against her, Lindsey Corey put on a...
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Henry David Thoreau, the original hipster, famously wrote that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Occasionally, a performance will so accurately convey that axiom that it’s almost uncomfortable to witness. Chaz Mena accomplished this feat in Zoetic Stage’s Detroit at the Arsht Center. He found the quiet desperation in Ben, an unemployed husband of Anytown suburbia who was perennially building a financial website that never materialized, watching NASCAR programs on max volume in a zombified stupor, and staring a few beats too long at his younger, blonder, always...

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Thursday, November 5 – Sunday, November 22, CARNIVAL STUDIO THEATER, 



A Terrific Cast, A Superb Director, A Committed Playwright…All adds up to an unqualified success. Thanks to Zoetic Stage, South Florida is a place for solidly crafted world premieres.

Click on the the links below to read reviews and reactions to Chris Demos-Brown’s “Stripped.”

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