& BellaBoo Productions, Inc.

Year: 2016


Petite Soldat

My historical research has been of great value in my work onstage. Understanding a playwright’s place in history: what may have formed her, what discourse did he have access to. My interest in military history is attributable to something else. […]


Narrated for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

Thrilled to have been asked to narrate for the most frequented radio podcast in the country. With an unprecedented panoply of horror stories for every taste imaginable CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS  stories are made to come to life with the […]


An Ancient City

This is an ancient city On an old stretch of land by the sea Whatever I can say about It, this country, No matter how I flatter its flora Serenade its birds Praise, pay due homage to its elegance Its […]


The Demise of Guys? -P. Zimbardo

This is alarming. I have family members that behave in the same way as Zimabardo (of Stanford Prison Experiment fame) describes below. In a nutshell, the internet’s ability to supply constant and almost instantaneous novelty in all fields is opaquing […]


Creature Comforts

It’s a chocolate, Haagen Dazs Friday night. Watching dystopias on Amazon Prime my family 2500 miles due south at the far end of a horse continent on a latitude that allows for indoor ice skating rinks where Disney characters sing […]