On the Ocassion of My Father’s Birthday, born 11 April, 1932

A New Pair

The boy had a new pair of shoes.dad and i

How did they find out?—he hadn’t complained!

It wasn’t his place. Even if invited to. Especially then.

Paired right there, on the bed while he slept

dreaming of another boy whose mother was alive.

Couldn’t believe it:

laid right by his face, a new pair.

Now he was a boy without a mother

his father had died when he turned two

but today he was given a new pair of shoes

out of that still morning of 1940:

two buster browns, black and white saddle shoes.

My father calmed himself and put on his shoes—

he got up and told himself he’d be a father someday:

and that’s how that day that boy became my own.

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Honored to have been Nominated for Two Carbonells, 2014

I was thrilled to have been a double Carbonell Award Nominee for both Best Supporting Actcarbonell_award_wht-bkgor, Play and Best Supporting Actor, Musical, both for Zoetic Stage‘s Detroit & Assassins, respectively.

Click here for the complete list of 2014 nominations. Congratulations to all who won! Was very happy for Assassins, directed by Stuart Meltzer produced by Zoetic Stage at the Adrienne Arsht PAC, Miami. We won best musical for 2014. Congratulations to all fellow cast members:


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