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At Miami Theater Center, a guy scratches his ‘Seven Year Itch’ by Christine Dolan, CDOLEN@MIAMIHERALD.COM

chatting her upAaron Glickman chats up Diana Garle in Miami Theater Center’s ‘The Seven Year Itch.’ Photo, DANIEL BOCK

All you gals out there, have you ever wondered what you’d find inside your guy’s noggin if you could be privy to his fears and fantasies?

Playwright George Axelrod offers some insight in The Seven Year Itch, a 1952 Broadway smash that still has plenty to say about a man stepping into the quicksand of a midlife crisis.

At Miami Theater Center, director Stephanie Ansin and designer Fernando Calzadilla have done some nipping, tucking and adapting of Axelrod’s script, which famously became a 1955 Billy Wilder movie starring Tom Ewell and an impossibly tempting Marilyn Monroe. The film’s...

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Water from the Tap

I would be a water from the tap man

no taste no color no sparkle

no packaging, no popping it open

just a jar under the running tap

it’s a teat afterall-a waterfall-

so check the washers, fix your drips

and take my bones out someday

if there’s anything left after this wet mess

take a good long look at me

with a tall, cool drink of tap water.

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Cassanova Was A Woman by Jezebel Montero



My most heartfelt congratulations to the Cast & Crew of  Cassanova Was a Woman, to Jezabel Montero & Margo Singaliese who wrote and produced this hilarious take on LGBT issues, the nature of love and commitment, and just making relationships work! I was so happy to contribute to this. XOXO Jez!



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