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Having read Max Hastings’ “Catastrophe” published by Knopf


The national debate that is ongoing this year in the U.K. where one side contends that the 1914-1918, “Great War” was nothing other than a mighty conflagration ignited by warring empires v. those that believe the war was a serious fight against militarism and the issuance of a free, democratic Europe is one worth monitoring.

Max Hastings is squarely in the camp that says that World War One cannot be explained away as a war that was essentially for naught and that it would make no difference who actually won, the Central Powers or the Allied Entente Nations. Some critics have gone to say that if Germany would have come on top, the only thing that would occur is that the European Union would...

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Dashed American Dream at the Center of Zoetic Stage’s Marvelously Rich “Detroit”

By Michelle F. Solomon, Florida Theater On Stage

Just before the lights go up on Mary and Ben’s backyard patio in Lisa D’Amour’s play Detroit at Zoetic Stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center, Hootie and the Blowfish’s ‘Time” plays. The lyrics are something to be paid attention to as they echo the sentiments of where our four characters have arrived in their current state of affairs: “Time, why you punish me, like a wave crashing into the shore, you wash away my dreams.”

When the lights do go up, Mary (Irene Adjan), a paralegal, and husband, Ben (Chaz Mena), a recently laid off loan officer, are chit chatting with their new neighbors. Sharon (Betsy Graver) and Kenny (Matt Stabile) are a newly...

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Superior performances make Zoetic Stage’s ‘Detroit’ a must see, Miami Herald

By Christine Dolen

Photo: Justin Namon

Miami Herald Reviewer

One could craft a compelling play about the disintegration of a once-great American city and call it Detroit, but that wasn’t Lisa D’Amour’s aim when she wrote her play, a finalist for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in drama.

D’Amour’s Detroit, now kicking off Zoetic Stage’s season in the Carnival Studio Theater at Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, is part withering comedy, part character study. Its characters’ lives are refracted through the lens of the economic downturn, as the American Dream transforms from aspiration to myth. What the play depicts is, by turns, funny, stress-filled and cautionary — much like life...

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Examiner Review for Zoetic’s “Detroit” by Charlotte Libov


Photo: Justin Namon

As the play “Detroit,” enters its final weekend at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami, theatergoers still have the opportunity to see this work that blends comedy with drama to create an unsettling character study of four people on the edge.

The action in this play, which is Zoetic Stage‘s season opener, takes place in the backyards of two homes. They are presumably located in Detroit, but could be anywhere in a U.S. city where the sagging economy has rendered its inhabitants uncertain of their future.

It is in this environment that Ben, excellently played by Chas Mena and his wife Mary, portrayed by the always delightful Irene Adjani, welcome into their lives a...

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