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‘Waters of Babylon’

has great chemistry,

but formula’s off

By John Fleming, Times performing arts critic
In print: Thursday, September 25, 2008

The story: Boy meets girl, except they’ve got more baggage than usual in By the Waters of Babylon, the two-person play by Robert Schenkkan that opens American Stage’s 30th anniversary season. It’s about the unlikely relationship between Catherine (Julie Rowe), the widow of an abusive college professor, and her gardener, Arturo (Chaz Mena), who turns out to be a novelist, exiled from Fidel Castro’s Cuba because he wouldn’t knuckle under to censorship.

Why we care: Schenkkan won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1992 for The Kentucky Cycle, an epic...

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What is the best way of making money? HELIUM ONLINE MAGAZINE

Chaz Mena Biography

12 November

What is the best way of making money? HELIUM ONLINE MAGAZINE

by David Gittlin

Chaz Mena is a man of passion. Whether it is creating roles for the stage and screen or spending time with family and friends, there is nothing this forty-one year old, Cuban-American actor does half way.

Chaz was born and raised in Miami, Florida where his earliest memories included scenes of his parents and grandparents telling each other stories of daily life in their long lost homeland of Cuba. Today, the population of South Florida is predominantly Spanish speaking. A large segment of the Hispanic population is Cuban-American. This is the exact opposite of the situation in the early Sixties. At...

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Cuban hero a man of passion, action–Florida Today

04 November

Cuban hero a man of passion, action–Florida Today


For more than 45 years, the U.S. has had no diplomatic ties with Cuba. This is sad. It’s as if ignoring something will make it go away. Here is a country only 90 miles away, and our government pretends it doesn’t exist. This is the type of logic we expect from a child. Have you ever tried to think something away? It doesn’t work. There is so much we don’t know about Cuba. For example, can you name any one of its historic national heroes? Fidel Castro doesn’t count.

I’ll give you one: Jose Marti. You might say he was the Cuban equivalent of a Thomas Jefferson and Henry...

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