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From: The Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, OH)
Date: September 27, 2002
Author: Stein, Jerry

Byline: Jerry Stein Post staff reporter

Playwright Eduardo Machado challenges Thomas Wolfe’s admonition that ‘you can’t go home again’ in his play ‘Havana Is Waiting.’ But the journey home for Machado’s character Federico is a painful one.

Machado’s autobiographical play, which opened Thursday night at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, is set in 1999 when Elian Gonzalez washed ashore in Miami. It is this year when Federico (Chaz Mena), after great indecisiveness, decides to return to Cuba with a friend Fred (Paolo Andino). He has been away 38 years.

Federico and his brother were among the 14,000...

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