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Burning Passion; Reading Aloud Is Incendiary in ‘Anna’.

Burning Passion; Reading Aloud Is Incendiary in ‘Anna’.

Byline: Jayne Blanchard, THE WASHINGTON TIMES Amazing what seems risque these days.

With expanses of bare flesh – everywhere from prime-time to the playground – the human body has become a bit of a snore. On the other hand, a cigar…now that’s sexy. The warm, tobacco-colored cylinder lolling in the mouth, the blue smoke-rings rising languidly to the skies, the scent redolent of everything from island spices to the earth just before it rains – the cigar beats the centerfold hands-down in what is forbidden, taboo. The cigar, in fact, is much more than a smoke in Nilo Cruz’s voluptuous, Pulitzer Prize-winning play (never thought you’d see...

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